Winter Taizé Services

Worship in the style of Taizé is simple – candles to light the darkness, simple, chanted songs with instrumental accompaniment to settle the spirit, silent prayer to refresh the soul. Come in, sit down, on a pew or a chair or a cushion. Sing as much or as little as you like. Let the spirit and the space surround you. The Taizé community is an ecumenical community in the south of France, where people of all ages and all denominations from all over the world gather to eat and pray together and discover a sense of kindnes simplicity and belonging.
The summer season starts on Sunday 26th November’17 ,7pm ,at Trinity Methodist Church, 32 Clive Square East with Jazz Vespers which contain elements of a concert and a worship service, offering opportunity for reflection through the notes of music and verse. The Vespers will continue on the 3rd Sunday of each month through the summer.

For more information, ph 8355359, or email, or call in to the church on any weekday or Sunday morning.